Nepal Payment Solution Ltd.

What do we Offer?

One Payment Gateway

There is currently no single interface that unifies all of the payment providers into one, despite the fact that numerous payment facilitators offer payment facilities to merchants and SMEs. Through NPS’s integrations, your web or mobile app platform will directly display the different payment channels that NPS offers.The aggregated payment gateway offered by Nepal Payment Solutions allows users to connect to a single payment API and receive an aggregated payment interface with a variety of available payment instruments both domestically and abroad. A few of these are :

  1. Domestic & International Card Payments
  2. Mobile Banking Checkout                                     
  3. eBanking Checkout
  4. eWallet Checkout

One Link

This payment method is essentially a link-based payment, in which clients receive a link with payment details via email, SMS, Viber, etc. Customers are taken to a payment gateway checkout page that displays the outstanding balance after clicking the link. Once the process is finished, they can select the payment platform of their choice and safely fill in any necessary information.

One Link makes it easier to collect payments for a variety of regular bills, including utility bills, EMIs, and school fees.

Load Wallet or Wallet Transfer

Wallet transfers are dependable, safe, and quick with Nepal Payment Solution. But what sets us apart is that NPS is a single platform powered by an API that collects data from nearly all of the country’s leading e-wallets.

Due to improper wallet ID verification, the current method of loading wallets through the bank’s mobile banking is prone to failures. Wallet ID is validated in order to reduce transaction failure; a transaction is only considered successful if the wallet ID is present in the destination wallet. A single API integration at the bank’s mobile banking app is all that is necessary to accomplish this without the hassle of direct integration and with operational benefits, as NPS is already connected to practically all major banks and e-wallets.


A service called InstaFund facilitates interbank fund transfers between different parts of the consumer banking experience. As required by the NRB and the Nepalese government, all parties involved in the interbank fund transfer are linked via the Nepal Payment Network and benefit from interoperability as well. Even though the idea of a fund transfer is not new, Insta Fund stands out due to its capacity to transfer money by confirming the customer’s registered phone number and bank account number. Customers can transfer money directly using their mobile number with NPS’s InstaFund, which is a simpler and hassle-free method. Through InstaFund, customers can transfer funds to any of the following institutions.

  1. A, B & C Class Banks
  2. e-Wallets

Link Account

Unlike anything else on the market, the Link Account is a Direct From bank Payment Instrument. The following item is intended to address the constantly changing needs of different FinTechs and service providers who wish to directly connect to their bank accounts in order to process different kinds of payments. In order to meet the security and innovation requirements of a BFI, Link Account safely enables users to access and link their bank accounts to outside applications without disclosing account information.

The offered service is a token based linking module where the token generated by the bank for an account (after proper validation process) is not directly shared to the Sub Members but rather a separate token is generated by NPS for every token generated by the bank and then shared to the respective Sub Members.  An additional layer of security is implemented by the bank using this model as it is not possible for the bank to use the compromised Sub Member’s system to conduct direct financial transactions, even if the stored tokens are made public.

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